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    Armored Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

    5,500 kg
    900 Kg
    Driver + 10 seats

    Flexible Design and Maximum Protection. The short and long wheelbase variants can accommodate different designs and applications; Command and Control, SWAT, SOF and transportation. From peace keeping and civilian transportation (up to 10 persons, GVW 5.5 ton) up to 6.5 ton for SOF with armored sliding side door. The design includes structural reinforcements and redesigned heavy duty mechanisms while maintaining low profile for covert operations. Enable automatic or manual and there are dual-propulsion options as well as special vehicles with Obrigener improvements.

    Spacious Compartment. The Sprinter compartment provides a safe and flexible mobile space to carry a range of equipment and personnel. Improved maneuverability structural reinforcements, space-frame design and high-performance suspension systems deliver an improved payload capacity with a highly stiff body structure. Weight control and load stresses are controlled throughout the manufacturing process, from the design stage, through prototyping and assembly, to final inspection and regulatory testing.

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