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    4,100 kg
    700 Kg
    Driver + 4 seats

    Fully armored Patrol Vehicle designed to be both visible and strong Tough, the armored IBEX patrol vehicle is diesel-powered (Euro 3 or Euro 6), armored to deal with threat levels up to STANAG 2, Resistant to IEDs, Molotov cocktails, and stones

    The IBEX Patrol has been designed to allow riot equipped force patrols to safely deploy into areas of disturbance and resist attacks which would incapacitate other vehicles. With increased internal capacity, armored panels and windows, and a spacious equipment carrying rear space, it provides forces with the ability to penetrate to the core of the disturbance and target key trouble makers.

    The Kitted Hull concept comprises of a bolted and bonded vehicle body. This concept enables the kits to be shipped to any assembly line or workshop worldwide. Range of configurations and applications With its armor panels, secure passenger module for four or five personnel and adaptable rear cargo area (with large doors) and run flat tires, the patrol can be configured to deploy SWAT or riot teams and their equipment, or be used for casualty evacuation, rescue or as an aid station/ ambulance.

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