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Engine Power
440 HP
Chassis Power
MAN TGS 33,440 6x6 BB
Driver + 1

BAT presents complete line of highly effective Riot Control Vehicles based on over 40 years of expertise in specialized vehicle design and production.

These rugged vehicles include the latest in water cannon technology based on the advanced computer-controlled JET PULSE SYSTEM.

Highly accurate non-lethal pulse firing can be performed in three different modes:

  • Short Pulse
  • Long Pulse
  • Continuous Stream ( range up to 60 M )

The advanced command control allow the operator to mix accurate amount of additives such tear gas (CS) or dye to the water pulses according to operation need.

BAT produces complete line of over 15 distinct types of Riot Control Vehicles ( 2,500 , 6,000 , 9,000 Liter ) all custom-built per customer specifications and under the highest standard of quality.

Vehicles are built on a variety of cassis sizes with wide range of optional accessories and groupings such:

  • Allow dual – use of Foam & Water through the cannon
  • Portable acoustic device

Non-Lethal Tube Launched Munitions System.