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SandCat Mk-IV

9,000 kg
Up-to 1,800 Kg
Up to STANAG 4569 Level III and optional underbody protection upgrades
Driver + 9 Passengers

The SandCat STORMER Mk IV is the latest generation of the Plasan SandCat family of 4×4 armored vehicles – one of the most advanced COTS (Commercially Of The Shelf) chassis-based off-road armored vehicle on the market today.

The STORMER Mk IV is designed to provide a superior level of protection for law enforcing units, SWAT teams and military Defence operations which are carried out throughout the most challenging environments, urban arenas and rough terrain.

The SandCat Mk IV modular vehicle can be configured to accomplish a wide range of missions, whether for patrolling, command & control, tactical, logistic, or weapons carrier capabilities.

The Stormer Mk IV overcomes obstacles performing tactical maneuvers by utilizing its advanced automotive design features such as short wheel base providing optimal weight balance, and a powerful 330bhp 6.7L V8 engine.

More than 800 units sold worldwide to national military and police forces in over 18 countries across 5 continents.